About Whitney

Welcome to La Bouche! My name is Whitney and I am a comfort food enthusiast and locavore. I currently live in Chicago, IL with my Fiance, Brian, and my two cats, Chloe and Lady Buck-Jive (B.J.)

I grew up in Kentucky and you will most likely feel the southern accent exude from this blog.  My MO is to make sure to push myself creatively in the kitchen, and you as well.  You will never hear me complain about having to make dinner. ever.  I am a creature of routine and I find that if I don't spend my Saturday mornings at the local coffee shop and the farmers market, the weekend for me is a bust.

I work in non-profit and could never work for a company that didn't truly benefit society. I am positively the most emotional person you will ever come in contact with, and every dish that I make comes from a heart that is brimming with love for those that I cook for.