Thursday, October 14, 2010


I know I know I know, where have I been it's been 2 days and you were starving without me! I know, I get it, I'm an A HOLE.  But I need you to focus! 

Why?  Because. a few things. Voting ends tonight. In 12 hours. So that means if you have not gotten your tail over to foodbuzz to vote for a sister we are in a fight!  Ok, so not a fight because I still love you but please vote, cause I already have the next round planned out and it's GENIUS.

Also, Happy Fancy Freakin' Thursday! I hope you rolled out of bed, brushed your gnarly teeth, and pulled out on some clean underwear.  And a bra, for the love of MARTHA!

I have a lot coming up on La Bouche in the next few days, a promised pumpkin chili to be exact, and some incredible pizza for the next challenge, should you vote me through.  Oh hell who am I kidding, I'll be making the pizza regardless.

In closing, momma loves you. I am sorr about missing you for a few days!




  1. u got my vote, good luck..

  2. where is that chili recipe?! :)

  3. You already have my vote. Voted, a long long time ago :-)

    Fingers crossed for both of us tomorrow! :D

  4. VOTED! Hope you make it through because I really want to see this pizza. :P