Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pride Pockets!

Throughout the test of time, there has always been one food that has sustained me in my thickest and thinnest, happiest and hungoverest moments. The. Hot. Pocket. 

It’s like glory in a bread tube. Ooey, gooey, sodium laden amazing hot pockets.  As a child they kept me pudgy.  As a college student, they were one of probably 3 food groups I consumed. (fried egg sandwiches, hot pockets, and natural light.)  As an adult, I dream of them, just knowing that it is unacceptable to eat them. 

I was presented with a challenge from the Foodbuzz tastemaker program through their sponsor, Nature’s Pride. 

They asked us to come up with a recipe using any of their bread and post about it, and I thought - the only reason I feel bad about eating a hot pocket is because it’s uber processed.  (not that that stops me from eating other terrible things but that’s beside the point.)

The point is, I can make my own damn hot pockets and I can control what goes in them. Homemade hot pockets. Pride Pockets. GENIUS!  This is an amazing marketing tool which I think Nature’s Pride should employ immediately because:

Mom’s can get down with this EASY method and control what their kids eat.

Mom’s become the “cool mom” in the ‘hood because she makes creative pride pockets.

It’s also a fun dish to make WITH your kids.
look at this 24 year old child loving his pride pocket.

Kid wins because they STILL GET POCKETS.

College students can do this at a moderately hungover level.

You’re welcome Nature’s Pride. You. Are. Welcome.

Here’s the other reason it’s genius, you can do this with any type of sandwich you like.  Broccoli Cheddar? Sure thing!  Breakfast Pride Pocket? Uh YEAS!  Caprese Pocket? Amen. Dessert Pocket? Be still my corazon!

Today, we are talking about the Pizza Pride Pocket – the most glorious of all pockets.

( I know, you’re having a hard time holding it together because it’s a whole new world in here…)

Pizza Pride Pocket
1 loaf of Nature’s Pride Whole Wheat Bread
Shredded Mozzerella
Turkey Pepperoni (75% less fat, tastes the same and you KNOW I don’t mess with pork)
1 can tomato sauce
Pinch of Dried oregano
Pinch of Dried basil
Pinch of Dried Thyme
2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon sugar

Cut the crusts off your bread two pieces at a time, to ensure that your bread pieces match one another.  Put the tomato sauce, garlic, spices, sugar, salt and pepper in a skillet and let it simmer over medium low heat until the sugar sweetens the sauce (10 minutes or so) BOOM you have pizza sauce.

Put one tablespoon of the sauce on the bottom piece of your bread, pile with 1 tablespoon of chopped pepperoni and 1 tablespoon of shredded mozzarella.  Place the other piece of bread on top and gently press down.   

While keeping the bread in place, begin to crimp the sides firmly with a fork.   

Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes, and enjoy the freshest pocket you’ve ever had!

(oh snap, this is a killer pocket!)

Go make yourself a pride pocket and for the LOVE OF GOD vote for AMUSE BOUCHE in ROUND 3 of PROJECT FOOD BLOG starting tomorrow morning!




  1. This is awesome. You are hilarious. I sort of have a girly crush on you after finding your blog a few days ago from Foodbuzz and back-reading posts. I mean, you made a Turducken and homemade hot pockets. And you use a chalkboard on the reg - loveeee it!

  2. Genius! I never thought of making a healthier version of this treat. And I love the wide range of people it appeals to!

  3. My mom used to make something like this for me for breakfast. Comfort food!!

  4. FANCY MINI PIZZAS! You're speakin' my language.

  5. I love those pocket sandwiches, I use to have that little electric tabletop thing to make them.

  6. OMG. I need one of these immediately!!

  7. Great entry! Sounds really good. Good Luck on the contest.

  8. this is just great, pocket sandwiches!

    love reading your blog. and yes, already voted for you!