Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our baby can read!

Ok first off. Go vote for Amuse Bouche in Project Food Blog.

Secondly, something happened last night. At first I was shocked, then I was happy, like really happy, and then I felt bad.
Our special needs cat, lady buckjive, learned to play fetch. She. Learned. Something.  If you’ve never met buckjive, there are some things you should know about her.  Special needs doesn’t really cover it.  It’s more like:

She has a short tail, so her balance is OFF at best.  She talks all day long, conversationally actually back and forth with you.  She jumps up walls, runs into walls, and talks to walls.  She suckles.  Yes, she is a year and a half old, and she suckles like she’s a newborn.  All these things put together and I think that you will agree with us calling her “special”.
 ( i mean look at that special face!)

So you can imagine that when she dropped her feather ball right in between our faces last night, we thought “HAHA oh BJ!” and threw it for her to chase.  But she brought it back. Up onto the couch. Again, and again and again. I couldn’t believe it. Chloe maybe, but BJ? Play a game? NO! We were crying we were laughing so hard.   Then I woke up today, feeling like an asshole.  All this time I’ve been calling her a rehtard, and she can do cognitive things.  The cat, can learn.  Cue Whitney feeling like an asshole.

Anyway, I thought you should know, that we had one of those “your baby can read” moments last night in our apartment when BJ decided it was time to show up to the ball game, so to speak.
Ya’ll remember that flourless chocolate cake I posted about awhile back, the one that has cayenne in it and uses crushed almonds to substitute the flour?  Whelp, it was my colleague, Beth’s birthday, and you only turn 23 how many times?  Oh a few times? Ok great! Well, we celebrated her turning another year young in the office, like we always do, mid afternoon with song and dance in my storage locker.

See, I have this thing about birthdays. I love them.  I have a summer birthday so mine ALWAYS sucked.  No, Ashley can’t make it to your zoo themed birthday party, darling, she’s in the florida keys… UGH MIZ.  I was so jealous of people who had birthdays at school, so everyone has a school birthday as an adult as far as I’m concerned.  (For the record, I did have a zoo themed birthday, and I was given a pony as a gift. I was that girl)
GET TO THE POINT WHITNEY. Good Lord.  SO the point is, if it’s your birthday, you name the cake.  It doesn’t  matter how hard it is or if no one else likes it, it’s your damn birthday, so I don’t care if you want a damn armadillo cake it’s goin’ down.

Beth likes chocolate.  Good old fashioned rich chocolate cake and that’s what she gets. (Beth is single, unless you’re unemployed and/or have excessive chest hair, then she’s not single.)

Here’s Morgan enjoying the birthday cake as well.  She’s also single. (same standards apply.)
How do you say “Sorry” and “You’re welcome” at the same time?  Sarcome? You’re Welly?
BAHAHAH, oh dear Lord. I love my life.

Anyway, enjoy the cake (go easy on the almonds, I found them to be a bit overbearing) but enjoy the epicness of this rich chocolate cake.  Recipe is found right here.

And Christ on a Cracker will you go vote for Amuse Bouche already!!!!




  1. This does sound rich and chocolatey...yum!

  2. The Hangover is one of my all-time fave comedies! Love the idea of spicy chocolate cake...and I already gave you some voting love!

  3. Your writing style cracks me up! Such a heartening read! :-)

    My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks. I want a 7-tier cake with edible gold leaves.

  4. BHAHAHAHAA @sophia - touche sister, touche!

  5. That clip of the Hangover has to be my favorite. I will forever mispronounce "Retard" because of it. BTW, thanks for the vote.

  6. If you want, you can totally make me a chocolate cake for my birthday. This looks fab!

    Also, I voted for you over at Foodbuzz. Thanks so much for checking out my entry!

  7. wow this sounds exactly like me...but funnier and way more knowledgeable about food! I'm an experienced blogger of exactly 4 posts who confused an eggplant for a plum yesterday but that doesn't mean anything..does it? And thanks to this post, I'll be informing my husband of what type of cake "he wants" for his birthday next week. I'll also be saving this clip for use in the future as I feel it will be applicable on more than one occasion (tragically).

  8. the cake looks divine. and i loved your dinner party! :)

  9. Ok now I'm craving a freaking cake! not just a slice, but the whole damn thing! On another note, your dinner party looked amazing : )