Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BBT: Thanksgiving for friends!

Bitch, Be Thankful! Thanksgiving for Friends finally came and went in the whirlwind that it always does.  A wine and food blur.  An amazing, wine and food blur.  

See, the way it works in Casa Mobraham, is that everyone brings something: a favorite family recipe, local beer, a fail proof dessert.  Then we sit around and eat like pigs and wish we had worn stretchy pants.  Why is it again that we aren't wearing stretchy pants?!?

Since we have a wee baby little apartment, we used the party room in our high rise to seat everyone, and it worked out just fine.  I hear that a lot - I have too small of a place to entertain.  Well, improvise.  Surely you can all have tapas so that everything can be eaten standing?  Or may you just don't care because there is turkey and a boat load of casseroles, and they will find a pillow and be fine!  Don't let that stop you from having a friendsgiving!

Local food serves as a place holder

Arrangements made with leftover pumpkins

I really hate to throw these out without one more good use!

Obviously, one table was not big enough for all of us, but a simple runner helps to hide the make shift dinner table.

Jen, she's the apple of my eye you know.

I used a mix of my great grandmother's china and my standard plates to give it a homemade feel.

Georgia insisted.

Ok I am sorry. That is a turkey. It's butter. It's a butter Turkey.

Taylor, Emily and Kaylin

Georgia O'Keefe, our Trainer Laura (yes, she is redic.) and Jen

I used mason jars for all condiments: read Cranberry Chutney, Gravy, and Cinnamon Whipped Cream

They are obviously ragging on Ethan about something...

I hope your Thanksgiving celebration is centered around the true meaning of this holiday: No surprisingly it is not about amazing fattening food and stretchy pants, but in fact, it is about recognizing your blessings and spending time with those who love you.   Whether it's your nearest friends, your extended family, or just your cats.  (What, I am so grateful for mine!)

And it's about stretchy pants.  Who am I kidding?




  1. Beautiful table Whit! The mason jars and name cards ideas are great!

  2. I love the mason jar idea! Everything look so pretty and simple, the way the Holiday should be...and screw the stretchy pants, why wear any pants!? give me enough cocktails and off they gooo! : P

  3. So sad I couldn't be there this year :( I miss my friends!!