Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recapa Napa: Zhatila Vineyards

Welcome to Laura Zahtila's Vineyard, where the 'backyard' feel to a winery, well, it really is the back yard.  Seriously.  Upon walking up to the winery, you have to be careful not to walk into the Zahtila's personal home.  What with their 2 dogs and cat wondering the front porch, greeting you with a happy bark, you know they are no strangers to strangers.
Laura actually was a very successful business woman, working for Cisco prior to her wine days.  She has become somewhat of an anomaly in the winery business, developing a pretty strong brand and a very great product out of the comfort of her backyard in just a few years.   This is no surprise after meeting Zahtila, who personally poured the wine for us during our stop.  It seems like this is just a way of life for Laura, like pouring wine is what she was meant to do.  (I mean, don't get me wrong, it's what I am meant to do, most days...)

Lead the way, Gloria.

Who says its not wine touring season?


Sorry old gal, I forgot your name, but its because you were so well behaved. You should really stir the pot a little more...

So for reals, I am in her backyard here.

Her favy pose.

As mentioned when discussing Hagafen, this was a place worth settling down.  Known for their Zin and Cab, you can be sure that bottles of both were consumed, and then purchased.  Moderately priced, and happily consumed.  She actually opened a bottle of Bentley while we were there, a very pricey bottle that was named after her grandparents.  It was great to see such history, yet such an unforced, natural way of life at Zahtila. 

Laura is livin' the dream baby, one pour at a time!  Tonight on the BBT series, we give Green Beans a dance.



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  1. What a beautiful setting. Thanks for the tip on this winery. I had not heard of them, and I love Zinfandel!