Monday, November 29, 2010

Tis the Season...

After a weekend full of tryptophan (or the Trippy T as I like to call it...) and family bonding with the Finlaws, (that's future, not effin')  I came back on a mission.  

It was time.

My Christmas tree, bless her little heart, used to belong to my great grandmother.  Edna was practically a Christmas fairy.  She had a Christmas tree in every room in her home, and she took extreme pride in her ability to have them all up before the Turkey came out of the oven on Thanksgiving.  I like to give Thanksgiving some time to pass, you know, until the day after...

You. Hussy.

He keeps guard.

 You know, sexy lighting, and normal flash...

She's a lady of the lights.
And every time I pull that precious tree out, with her pines falling out, worn from years of use and love, I shed a tear for the Christmas fairy that I miss so much. 

Then I dance with everything I have to jingle bell rock.  Don't even get me started when Amy Grant starts singing Emmanuel... That's the ball game.

Here is hoping you had a warm, happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving.  I hope you have a memory to pull out the day after to remind you just how lucky you are, like I do.




  1. GORGEOUS tree. Officially jealous.

  2. Love that you honor and remember your Christmas fairy with her beautiful tree. And any Christmas fairy would love those adorable kitties. They complete the holiday scene.