Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recapa Napa: Groth Vineyard

Groth Vineyards.  You left me in want.  It doesn't take much to make me happy. Just some solid red wine, and a friendly face.   Instead, I got a girl to tell me about your wine on her very first day on the job, and a really expensive, really harsh Cabernet. 

It's not all bad, honestly, I don't remember much, since this was our 5th winery - but I do remember thinking, "How are they charging $125 for this bottle?"  The views were great, but I felt shorted on the information and experience compared to all the other vineyards we visited. 

No worries, we ended things on a high note at Trefethen, which you'll hear all about tomorrow.

Peek a boo.

Tis the season, to carve that is.
Keep checking in for a jam packed week in the BBT series, and the grand finale to the Recapa Napa series.




  1. Sigh, guess I'm showing my roots, but there are some cheap wines that I just adore. We don't pay that kind of money for wine at our house. (Probably because we don't have it.) But those are gorgeous fall portraits! And love the pumpkin too.

  2. Groth is one of those divine wines that is for a special treat. I adore their Cabernet. You will have to check out their other wines that are not $125 per bottle. Bet you had a blast in Napa.

  3. Thank you lisa! I will have to search out a more reasonable bottle of theirs. To be fair, I did have a pretty muddy palate at that point in the day!