Monday, November 15, 2010

The Final Recapa Napa: Trefethen Family Vineyards

Well, it was near 3 in the afternoon, and we had practically assaulted 5 wineries up to this point.  Strolling up to Trefethen, I had a very, "This better be effin sweet" sassy attitude going, since I was blatantly affected by the sauce. 
Oh boy, was it effin sweet.  The first thing you see is this ENORMOUS tree, all twisted and centuries old.  You're drunk so naturally, you go to climb it, or bearhug it, or whatever just have your picture taken by it, and then you realize what kind of tree it is.
Riddle me this:  Have you ever stopped to wonder where the cork in your sauce comes from?  I don't know about you, but I never stop to think about where it's come from.  IT WAS A FHUGE CORK TREE.  Yeas, a cork tree.  So once I realized that, you couldn't stop me from poking it.

"Sarah, you gotta get over here, its a big ass wine cork! Come feel this thing!"

So already, prior to entering any doors, I was stoked. Then we round the bend, and there is a FHUGE pumpkin, just layin' there all fat and lethargic. It's like the giant world in super mario brothers. Endless fun.

It just keeps getting better and better, we walk in the door, and it's like a fall landscape dinner party dream. Ugh, can I move into Trefethen yet?  Who does Sarah have to marry to get into this family?

Just 2 biff's enjoying Trefethen's finest Pinot Noir. Trust me, you have no idea how hard I tried to get Sarah to date our friend from Trefethen.  I was all "What's good to eat around here? Oh, Sarah likes that.. you know, she lives in San Francisco.  She's a a real refined gal.  She likes walks in the vineyards, and seein' how you work here and all,  you seem straight and like you have a serious connection to sauce, I feel this is a big fat BINGO"  You know, just because I've been drinking all day doesn't mean I don't have a point here....

Anyway. Sarah left her heart in that wine cellar... and I left mine in the Trefethen Fountain.  Can someone go back and get us?

Oh, and yes, the wine was amazing.  Like, truly, the best wine of the day.  Until I open that rediculously expensive bottle a few months from now and realize it was horse swallow... Well, I honestly do believe it was the best, regardless.  Aren't the memories worth it, anyway?



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