Thursday, November 11, 2010

Recapa Napa: Chateau Montelena Winery

At this point in the morning, yes, still morning, we were upon our third vineyard and let me tell you, I was feeling ready to challenge a sommelier to a palate-off.  CASSIS!  TOBACCO!  It was like a tourist with tourettes... And we roll up to a castle, with bridges.  I mean are you serious?  Do you want me to swim?  Cause I would eat a hot dog if I were dared to right now, and you KNOW that would NOT end well.

So Chateau Montelena, you had me at hello.

Bridges of Napa County.


ARE YOU FKIDDING ME? magician with the camera.

Some how we got to Asia real quick?


This was the point in the day when I started to think lawn gear was funny.

This is actually some famous spot from the movie 'Bottle Shock', but I was drunk and didn't care!

You know how i feel about limes

Doesn't this remind you of Alice looking down the whole, except it Sarah, and there's no whole?

Lauren, this is for you: SWAN

And we are back in Asia again.
As mention previously, this winery was featured in a movie called "Bottle Shock" (I think?) and Daryll, the guy on our tour, was all kinds of jonesin' to go.  I didn't care because I was pretty sure they were gonna have wine there.  Not only did they, but they were the ones who started to tell me "You are the master of your own palate"

Note:  Do not, get a semi drunk person going on how they get to be the one to make decisions.  It's overall not a good idea and usually leads to a drunk rant about how "I CHOOSE MY DESTINY"

Final Verdict:  Chateau Montelena, you can stay.  Don't go knockin' down this castle.  Go drinkin' up it.

Tonight on BBT, potatoes.




  1. I think you stole those photos they are really good :) What is your Destiny?

  2. wow, gorgeous pictures!

    I'm so happy I got to meet you last weekend!!! You are absolutely wonderful!

  3. HAHAH Thanks Lew, my destiny is to spread the word of good food around the world, one belly at a time! :)

  4. You "give good photo" for being drunk :-) love the recap Whi

  5. I love Recapa Napa! Thanks for noting all of our great memories... the sauce made things a bit fuzzy