Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look Out, San Francisco...

Mommas comin' to town!

In T-minus a few silly hours, this will be happening. All over again. Maybe without the flags...

So you can only imagine my excitement level.  I can't wait to have some serious girl time with Super Special Secret Agent, Bridesmaid and Guest Blogger Sarah Hammel.  She puts the TEX in your ASS. TEXAS!
I can't wait to meet all of these amazing bloggers that I have been following for months now as well, and I have a feeling there will be good stories to tell on the way home.

I am in the market for a sitter though.  I think Dad is going to starve while I'm gone.  Any takers? Who wants to feed my fiance while I'm frolicking?  No takers? 

Sorry, dear, it looks like you'll be having take out this week...

Love, (and excitement!!)



  1. No flags this time... we're going to be all classy-like in Napa :)

  2. Have a ball! Wish I were tucked in your suitcase.

  3. Lew and I just made our fist stop on the way to the foodbuzz festival. We dropped our twins off at the grandparents and are now on the way to Nashville fly out in the morning. We look forward to meeting you in San Fransisco.